• Gary Kent

    Gary Kent

    Gary Kent, who has worked in Parliament for 25 years, is the Administrator of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

  • Dr Alan Semo

    Dr Alan Semo

    Dr Alan Semo is the UK Representative of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

  • Margaret Owen

    Margaret Owen

    Margaret Owen is a barrister specialising in women's human rights. She is also a founder member of GAPS- UK (Gender Action on Peace and Security) and is adviser on women and children’s rights to the KHRP (Kurdish Human Rights Project.) She is a regular participant at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and has been the consultant on widowhood to the UN.

  • Nia Griffith MP

    Nia Griffith MP

    Nia Griffith is the Labour MP for Llanelli. Her main interests lie in tackling climate change and issue affecting industry. 

  • Maher Soltan

    Maher Soltan

    Maher Soltan is a journalist and international media advisor to the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine.

  • Nadeem Al- Abdalla

    Nadeem Al- Abdalla

    Nadeem Al-Abdalla is a political and cultural expert on Iraq and Manager of the London-based Anglo-Iraqi Studies Centre (AISC).

  • Dilar Dirik

    Dilar Dirik

    Dilar Dirik is an activist of the Kurdish Women's Movement and writes for an international audience on the freedom struggles in Kurdistan.

  • Dr Radha D'Souza

    Dr Radha D'Souza

    Radha D'Souza teaches law at the University of Westminster, London. She is a social justice activist, a writer, critic and commentator.

  • Jonathan Steele

    Jonathan Steele

    Jonathan Steele is a veteran Foreign Correspondent who has covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, the Balkans, Central America, and East and Southern Africa. Since 2002 he has concentrated on the Middle East, covering the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, and the war in Syria since 2011.