• Dr Liam Fox MP

    Dr Liam Fox MP

    Dr Liam Fox is the Conservative MP for North Somerset, and Former Secretary of State for Defence.

  • Ismail Saymaz

    Ismail Saymaz

    Mr Ismail Saymaz is a Turkish investigative journalist for daily Radikal (since May 2002).

  • Ahmet Şık

    Ahmet Şık

    Mr Ahmet Şık is a Turkish investigative journalist, author of several books, and a trade unionist.

  • Bill Park

    Bill Park

    Bill Park is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Defence Studies, King’s College, London University, and is based at the UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham.

  • Rusen Cakir

    Rusen Cakir

    Rusen Cakir is senior correspondent for the Turkish daily Vatan and editor of Metis Publishing’s Black and White Book Series, which promotes the work of investigative journalists.

  • Gary Kent

    Gary Kent

    Gary Kent, who has worked in Parliament for 25 years, is the Administrator of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

  • Lord Clement-Jones

    Lord Clement-Jones

    Lord Clement-Jones is a Liberal Democrat Peer, the chair of the Liberal Democrats in Communications Committee, as well as a member of the Communications Committee.

  • Lord Maurice Glasman

    Lord Maurice Glasman

    Lord Maurice Glasman is a Labour Life Peer, as well as a member of Private Bills Select Committee in the House of Lords.