Rt. Hon Joan Ryan MP

“I send my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating Newroz and to those attending the 4th Annual Most Successful Kurds in Britain Awards. Enfield is home to the largest Kurdish population in the UK and I see first-hand, every day the great contribution the community makes to our borough and to our country. I also pay tribute to the work of the Centre for Kurdish Progress, who provide an important and informative forum for debate on Kurdish issues at home and abroad.

As we reflect upon the past 12 months and look forward to the year ahead, I know many Kurds will be thinking about family, friends and loved ones in Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

I will continue to support meaningful political participation and representation for Kurds across the Middle East and to call for the recognition of their fundamental social and cultural rights.

I hope you all have a peaceful, prosperous and happy Newroz.”

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