Rt Hon Joan Ryan Labour MP for Enfield North


"I send my warmest wishes to everyone attending the 2nd Annual Newroz reception. I am very proud to represent a constituency which has such a strong and vibrant Kurdish community.

Tonight’s award ceremony is a real reflection of the immense contribution you make to our society and way of life, both in Enfield and around the UK. As you reflect upon the past twelve months and look forward to the year ahead, I know many of you will be thinking about family, friends and loved ones in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. I share your concerns about the situation of the Kurdish people across the Middle East. They have displayed incredible courage, resilience and resourcefulness in the face of terrible human rights abuses. In addition, the Kurdish community have shown time and again, in Turkey, in Rojava and elsewhere, that they believe in the values of democracy, human rights and equality.

I will continue to support all efforts to ensure an enduring peace in the region and the recognition of the Kurdish people’s rights. I hope you all have a great night and a peaceful, prosperous and happy Newroz."

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