Public Forum ‘Implications of the Kurdistan Independence Referendum’


You are cordially invited to this Centre for Kurdish Progress Public Forum with Academy Associate at Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House Dr Renad Mansour and Managing Director at Carduchi & Research fellow at the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King’s College Mr Shwan Zulal and public lecturer and co-founder of Culture Project, Ms Houzan Mahmoud.

This event is kindly hosted by Siobhain McDonagh MP.

The event will take place between 7PM and 9PM on Tuesday 22nd November 2017 in Committee Room 9, House of Commons. Please note security checks are required to enter the House of Commons. We kindly ask you to arrive at 6.30PM to allow the event to start and end on time.

Having experienced a series of challenges since holding an independence referendum on the 25th of September, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq is now at a historic crossroads. The KRG must now negotiate a new relationship with its neighbors in Iraq and the wider region but faces an economic blockade and threats of further military action. At the same time, the Kurdish Region in Iraq is undergoing a period of significant political change. Masoud Barzani, the KRG’s longstanding president, has stepped down, and all three major parties are undergoing a period of transition as a new generation of leaders emerge. Our panel of distinguished speakers will discuss these developments, putting them in their historical context, while analysing the prospects for the region's future.      

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The views of our speakers do not necessarily represent the views of the Centre for Kurdish Progress. 

Speaker Biographies

Renad Mansour is an Academy Fellow at the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House. Prior to joining Chatham House, Renad was an El-Erian Fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Centre, where he examined Iraq, Iran and Kurdish affairs. Renad is also a Guest Lecturer at the LSE, where he teaches a MSc course on the International Relations of the Middle East. He is a research fellow at the Cambridge Security Initiative based at Cambridge University, where he held positions as lecturer and supervisor at the faculty of politics. He received his PhD from Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Shwan Zulal is Managing Director at Carduchi & Research fellow at the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King’s College. He advises clients interested in expanding their business into the emerging markets and developing region of Kurdistan/Iraq. Zulal is also managing editor of Carduchi Kurdistan Energy and Politics weekly. The publication covers the nuance of Kurdish politics in relation with oil and gas sector.

Houzan Mahmoud is a women’s rights campaigner, public lecturer and co-founder of Culture Project, She has an MA in Gender Studies from SOAS-London University. Her articles were published in UK publications including The Independent and The Guardian, The Tribune, The New Statesman and others. Houzan led many campaigns internationally, including campaigns against the rape and abduction of women in Iraq, and against the imposition of Islamic sharia law in Kurdistan and Iraqi constitution. She led many other campaigns around the world against so called honour killings, gender based violence and against violation of freedom of expression. She is winner of 2016 Emma Humphrey’s Memorial Award. 


November 22, 2017 at 7pm - 9pm


Committee Room 9, House of Commons
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
United Kingdom
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