Natalie McGarry Independent MP for Glasgow East


"I am delighted to be able to support the work of The Centre for Kurdish Progress who have achieved so much to raise awareness and support Kurdish communities both here in the UK and internationally. The Kurdish Community have brought great culture, colour and diversity to Scotland and the U.K. and we celebrate their part in our communities and in tying binds of friendship.

In providing a real forum for education and raising awareness of what is happening in the Middle East, the Centre For Kurdish Progress offers the opportunity to delve below the headlines to see what is really happening in Kurdish Communities across the Middle East.
I support them in trying to bring recognition to the desire for peace, promotion of democracy, the desire for human and gender equality, to use own language, raise  voices and to celebrate a wonderful culture. 
I wish the Centre of Kurdish a wonderful celebration of Newroz and looking back at the awards ceremony over the last year, and I look forward to working along side the Kurdish community in solidarity in the year to come."
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