Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition and Labour MP for Islington North


“May I commend the work of the Centre for Kurdish Progress and its contributions to the achievements of the Kurdish Community in the UK. The centre has long offered a space for discussing the Kurdish situation in the world. I am proud to serve a constituency which has a strong and vibrant Kurdish community.

Across the world, for many years the Kurdish people have been under sustained attack. The conflict in Syria has been a trigger for the onslaught against the Kurdish people, who are defending their right to self-determination and dignity. As a matter of urgency the Turkish government must restart the peace process and respect the rights of the Kurdish people.

We call for an end to repression and for justice for the Kurdish people throughout the Middle East. I will continue to support efforts to ensure peace, social justice and the recognition of Kurdish human rights in the region. I wish you all a successful and happy Newroz.”

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