Gary Kent Director of APPG Kurdistan Region in Iraq


"The scope and scale of popular sympathy with Kurds has blossomed in the last decade. The all party parliamentary group has sent several dozen MPs, Peers and activists on fact finding missions in that time and this has done much to boost links with and better understanding of the Kurdistan Region. Once the evil monstrosity of Daesh is gone and various crises have been overcome such progress can resume on a bigger scale. In the meantime, Kurds fighting Daesh are the frontline for civilisation as a whole and deserve our support. Peshmerga may no longer need any translation but warm words of solidarity need translation into practical and urgent measures. Expertise and experience in Britain and globally can be better mobilised to support necessary political and economic reform. The tolerance, hospitality and natural beauty of the Kurdistan Region can then attract more visitors and investors as well as make a major contribution to reform in the Middle East."

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